January 9, 2017

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Global Economic Dashboard

MYR 4.4770 4.4725 0.10
SGD 1.4416 1.4390 0.17
JPY 117.10 117.02 0.09
HKD 7.7557 7.7556 0
TWD 32.104 31.985 0.38
PHP 49.586 49.465 0.24
IDR 13,362.00 13,371.00 -0.07
CNY 6.9363 6.9241 0.21
THB 32.761 35.737 0.06
Corn 359 359.25 0.07
Wheat 424.75 426.75 0.47
Soybean 994.75 995.5 0.08
Crude Oil 53.77 53.18 -1.11
Carbon Steel A36 PLATE 0.38 0
1008 SHEET 0.46 0
1011 SHEET 0.45 0

Poultry News


KFC Indonesia to open more outlets in eastern Indonesia

Fast Food Indonesia, the operator of KFC in Indonesia, targets its income in 2017 to increase 10% to USD 402 million. To achieve this target, Fast Food will open 30 new outlets mostly the free-standing type, and 20 KFC Box outlets. “We will open the outlets in new and existing cities, but most of the new outlets will be in eastern Indonesia,” said Justinus D Juwono, Director. “In 2017 we will allocate a capex of USD 26 million to open the new outlets, expand distribution, add new distribution vehicle, and renovate 45 5-year old existing outlets.” Currently Fast Food operates 559 outlets throughout the country. For its 2016 financial performance, the company is optimistic to book an income of USD 365 million, a 7.8% increase from the previous year.

Source: Asian- Agribiz

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Swine News

EAME News Updates

Focus Farm Project Yields Positive Results

UK – Just six months in, the AHDB Pork Focus Farm has achieved a 61 per cent reduction in pre-weaning mortality.
This incredible result is being attributed to improvements in farrowing house management, staff training and the use of ultra-high frequency ear tags to record accurately causes of death.
Dominic Charman, Technical Manager at AHDB Pork, said: “The significant drop from 15 per cent to 5.8 per cent, that we’ve seen on David Goodier’s unit, could result in an extra 586 pigs finished per annum.

Source: The Pig Site

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UK Pig Semen Heads to India for Pork Quality Improvement

UK – Pig semen from the UK has been used for the first time in India to improve its breeding stock and produce better quality pork.
The first ever shipment of frozen porcine semen has arrived in the country and is being used by the Punjab Government to develop a high-health nucleus of pure-bred pigs.
Government officials are keen to use British pig expertise to develop their industry and provide high quality, safe meat to its 30 million population in Punjab. A second order has already been placed.

Source: The Pig Site

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UK Farmers, Food Industry Urged to ‘Step Up’ to Address Global Competitiveness

UK – Farmers, growers and the food industry need to “step up” to address the challenge of agricultural competitiveness and productivity in a rapidly-changing world.
That was the rallying cry from Jane King, chief executive of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, (AHDB) in a high-profile fringe meeting on the eve of the Oxford Farming Conference.
She outlined the changes that have happened at AHDB, some of which were informed by last year’s activity review, highlighted the refocusing of work in the new strategy and showcased some of the work coming in 2017.

Source: The Pig Site

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Others Agricultural News

Global Agribusiness News

A look at 2016’s most popular animal feed headlines

The last day of every year, I eagerly anticipate reviewing our year-end content analytics. Perhaps it’s unusual, but I find it fascinating to see which articles and news pieces resonated with readers. Some of the top-ranked articles are a given, but others reveal hot topics that may not have been so obvious. Here’s a recap of the pieces that garnered the most attention last year.

Source: Wattagnet

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