January 10, 2017

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Global Economic Dashboard

MYR 4.4748 4.4770 -0.03
SGD 1.4347 1.4363 -0.10
JPY 115.73 116.03 -0.28
HKD 7.7550 7.7562 -0.02
TWD 31.934 32.104 -0.53
PHP 49.500 49.586 -0.17
IDR 13,308.00 13,362.00 -0.38
CNY 6.9231 6.9375 -0.21
THB 35.602 35.647 -0.10
Corn 359.25 358.00 -0.35
Wheat 426.75 426.50 -0.06
Soybean 1,004.25 998.25 -0.60
Crude Oil 51.95 52.14 0.36
Carbon Steel A36 PLATE 0.38 0
1008 SHEET 0.46 0
1011 SHEET 0.45 0

Poultry News


Indonesia regulates broiler supply & demand

Indonesia’s Agriculture Ministry has released the revision of the regulation of chicken supply, distribution and monitoring, which is expected to protect independent farmers from unfair competition. Local production of breeding and commercial chicken and imports of breeding stock will be calculated based on the national production plan. Of the total commercial broiler DOC production, 50% has to be allocated for independent producers/farmers. The quality of the DOC has to be certified by a product certification agency (LSPro) appointed by the Agriculture Ministry. Finally, a producer of more than 300,000 birds/week has to set up a processing plant and a cold chain facility. Sigit Prabowo, Chairman of the National Poultry Farmers Association (PPUN) said: “We appreciate the revised regulation and we will monitor the implementation.”

Source: Asian- Agribiz

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Global Agribusiness News

Temperature and relative humidity critical in climate control

he main purpose of climate control in modern day poultry production is to produce a healthier bird, which enables it to grow more efficiently and live in the most desirable and least stressful environment available. Getting it right involves deeper knowledge of the interaction between temperature and relative humidity.
A good in-house climate results in lower mortality and reduced disease risk. Optimum housing control allows the birds to experience the best possible conditions in which to live and develop. In creating these optimum and best environmental conditions it enables the chicks to build up adequate immunity resulting in much lower stress levels in achieving their genetic potential, which in turn results in their meat being of a higher quality with better taste, consistency and texture.

Source: World Poultry

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Breeding for a changing environment

As the US and EU transitions away from cage housing systems, members of the industry are making steps to ensure that producers have the best opportunity to change over to this system as smoothly as possible. Distributors of genetic material are not excluded from this effort, since breeding for traits in an alternative system gives producers a head start in getting the best possible results.
The unique aspect of selecting for the best genetic potential is that consumer needs have to be anticipated well in advance because of the time taken to express the selected traits in offspring. Director of research and development for Hendrix Genetics Layers Frans van Sambeek explains how the geneticists at Hendrix Genetics have planned for this demand for birds well suited to cage free systems using state-of-the art technology and group selection based on field tests.

Source: World Poultry

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Swine News

China  Flag-China_4

Take a look inside 3 Chinese pig farms

In Asia especially, Pig Progress travelled around to inform readers about the latest developments on pig farms. We took a look around on 3 different Chinese facilities and tried to capture the dazzling developments. We also explored another 7 farms, come and take a look with us.

Source: Pig Progress

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Global Agribusiness News

Canadian pigs making their way into the European market

Genesus breeding material has become available for almost the whole of Europe exclusively through the Danish company Porc-Ex Breeding.
Only in Germany and Spain Porc-Ex is not a distributor; nevertheless sales of Genesus genetics can happen in these countries. Porc-Ex is also distributor for Ukraine and Belarus.
Speaking to Boerderij, a sister title to Pig Progress, Porc Ex-Breeding director Holger Bøgebjerg Sørensen stated that he is happy with having become the distributor. As the result of a reorganisation of the sales structure of Danish DanAvl, all that would’ve been left for Porc-Ex would be sales agent. For that reason, he has started offering the Canadian genetics line.

Source: Pig Progress

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