January 11, 2017

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Global Economic Dashboard

MYR 4.472 4.4755 -0.0033
SGD 1.4377 1.4362 +0.12
JPY 116.140 115.77 +0.35
HKD 7.755 7.7546 +0.01
TWD 31.923 31.934 -0.03
PHP 49.585 49.500 +0.17
IDR 13,319.00 13,308.00 +0.09
CNY 6.9348 6.9215 +0.20
THB 35.572 35.555 +0.05
Corn 357.50 357.25 -0.21
Wheat 426.25 424.50 0.53
Soybean 1012.50 1012.25 -0.15
Crude Oil 50.92 51.24 0.83
Carbon Steel A36 PLATE 0.38 0
1008 SHEET 0.46 0
1011 SHEET 0.45 0

Poultry News


Singapore allows more frozen chicken exports from Thailand

Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority has allowed 20 Thai chicken factories to export frozen chicken to the island republic. Anan Sirimongkolkasem, President of Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association, said the new permission reflects growing confidence in Thai poultry standards. Meanwhile, Gen Chatchai Sarikulya, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives said Thailand is expected to export at least 5,000 tonnes of frozen chicken to Singapore in 2017, valued at USD 11.2 million. Thailand exported 16,000 tonnes of livestock products to the island republic in 2016, including cooked chicken meat and chilled and frozen chicken. In all, Thailand is projected to export 750,000 tonnes of chicken meat in 2017, valued at USD 2.69 billion.

Source: Asian- Agribiz

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South KoreaFlag-SouthKorea_03

Financial toll from outbreak of bird flu in Korea reaches USD30m

South Korea said the financial toll from the slaughtering of more than 30 million birds nationwide since November from the worst-ever bird flu outbreak is almost USD 830 million. Until the first week of January, the culled count came to 30 million, including 25.82 million chickens and 2.33 million ducks, the Agricultural Ministry said. That represents 18.3% of the total poultry raised domestically. The number of culled layers reached 32.1% of the total, causing the price of eggs to rise sharply. Early December, the price for a 30-egg pack reached USD 4.78, surpassing the five-year average price of USD 4.75 for the first time. Eggs have become a rarity and any left on the shelf is sold at USD 7.05.

Source: Asian- Agribiz

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Global Agribusiness News

Cambodia cautious over bird flu

Cambodia’s Health Ministry urged people to be vigilant over H5N6, H7N9 and H5N1 avian influenza viruses in light of recent outbreaks in some Asian countries, China’s Xinhua news agency reported. “Currently, H5N6 and H7N9 avian influenza viruses have not been found in Cambodia, but the country had detected 56 cases of H5N1 virus that left 37 people dead between 2005 and 2014,” the Ministry said in a statement. The ministry said travellers to areas affected by avian flu viruses should avoid poultry farms, contact with animals in live-bird markets, poultry-slaughtering areas, and contact with surfaces that appear to be contaminated with bird or other animal faeces.

Source: Asian- Agribiz

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Chile Bird Flu Outbreak Not Very Dangerous

CHILE – An outbreak of avian influenza in Chile that was discovered last week hasa been confirmed to be low pathogenic, or not as dangerous as some viruses, following sample testing in the US.Chilean authorities at the Agricultural and Livestock Authority (SAG) announced the discovery of an outbreak in Quilpué, in the region of Valparaiso, on 4 January.

Source: The poultry site

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Others Agricultural News

Indonesia’s Ag Ministry says no corn imports in 2017

Indonesia’s Agriculture Ministry will stop corn imports this year. Triastuti Andajani, Head of Feed Ingredients of the Directorate General of Livestock & Animal Health said to meet demand for animal feed, the ministry will increase the corn planting area in the country by as much as 2 million ha, and partner with feed millers to absorb all the harvest. The Indonesian Feed Producer Association estimated animal feed consumption this year to reach 18.5 million tonnes. “We need around 9.25 million tonnes of corn for feed. Home-mixers need around 3.6 million tonnes. So the total is around 1.1 million tonnes per month,” Ms Andajani explained. Last year corn imports dropped to 884,679 tonnes, or a 68% decrease from 2015.

Source : Asian – Agribiz

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