Auto Nest

Gives you more eggs and faster ROI

Floor eggs are a common problem often faced in breeder farms, which resulted in loss of production. Floor eggs has a higher chances of being contaminated as well as suffer from cracks. This often leads to grower resorting to hire laborers to pick up eggs which obviously rack up operation cost.

GSI Auto Nest system as a matter of fact not only helps to reduce floor eggs but also

  • Reduce floor eggs by 1%
  • Increase hatchings by 1%
  • Possible additional income at least USD 30K over a year

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Flexi Compartment Arrangement

The nest compartment arrangement will be either 3 nests OR 4 nests attached and one 12” length Aisle way to another nest compartment.

removable nest roof

Removable Nest Roof

Removable nest roof with easy to assemble and disassemble without using any screws. Easy eggs clearing in the event of a  power failure which causes the egg collector to stop as well for the purpose of easy maintenance.

nest pad

Nest Pad

The new carpet (nest pad) are made of Polymer composition. The rounded taps contribute to the hens’ comfort, help ensure a safe egg roll-off and stop feathers clinging to the shell. Opening of the hollow area, providing excellent ventilation and drying slurry.

pvc perch

PVC Perch

With flipper able open & close PVC perch support. Longer lasting and able to sustain more weight than conventional wooden perch.

egg belt

Edges protected by profile rubber gasket (smaller number of cracked eggs by shock of the eggs from the sides). With Dynoflex premium sheet on the surface (lower number of eggs cracked by the shock eggs to metal surface). Driven by geared motor of 3Ph, 50/60Hz (ease maintenance).

manual brush

Manure Brush

Rubber coated main belt roller and with manure brush mounted for cleaning egg belt.With extra protection and galvanized steel plate surrounded for cleaning conveyor belt.

Chain Feeding System

GSI direct and belt drive Chain Feeder Systems represent the classic, proven technique for even, low-stress distribution of feed providing equal access of feed to all birds and assuring uniform development.


Corner Mechanism

Completely enclosed in a powder coated, steel housing, the corner mechanism is specifically designed for low maintenance and high performance. Mounted on a hardened steel base plate, the corner guide rail and fluted wheel provide maximum wear resistance while assuring smooth chain movement.

direct drive system

Corner & Leg Stand
Stands are made of non corrosive material for long lasting and easy maintenance.

trough & grill

Troughs & Grills

Troughs are available in two sizes: a smaller design for pullets and a larger trough (with a “feed saver” lip) for hens. Grills are available in almost any configuration to control access in any category.



Hoppers are built to last utilizing highly advanced welding for strong connections and a multistage cleaning process including shot-blasting and electrostatic powder coating, oven baked for a durable finish.


Drive Unit

Direct drive system in addition to the gearbox, belts and pulleys currently used on all chain feeders. The direct drive system offers numerous advantages including increased strength, greater efficiency, lighter weight and safer operation. Available with housing as option.

trough coupler

Trough Coupler

Trough couple with clip-on or wrap around hangers are available in a full range of length:

  • 3″ (7.62 cm)
  • 4″ (10.16 cm)
  • 6″ (15.24 cm)
  • 12″ (30.48 cm)

Breeding Pans


Male Feeders
Our Male Feeders allow you to feed male and female breeders separately. Providing separate rations for roosters is extremely important. This helps to maintain proper body weight, increasing fertility and hatchability.


Hi-Lo Breeder Feeder

Our Hi-Lo Breeder Feeder uses an adjustable grill to insure that roosters are restricted vertically and horizontally from accessing the hens’ feed. The breeder feeder comes with a sturdy, all plastic anti-rotation clip and a two-piece drop tube for ease of installation or replacement.

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