Layer Cages

Modular Cage System

Our new plastic module cage is designed to meet or exceed animal welfare guidelines with 100% washable components for total sanitation and bio security control.

Cage wall partitions, front panel and stacking components are moulded from high density polypropylene with high UV resistance.

Modular cage system can be customized from single tier up to five tiers tall through the support of UltraGal corrosion resistance galvanized support conduit with 79% higher yield strength and 34% more tensile strength compared to normal galvanized support conduit. Does not require wire clips and fasteners which speed up the  installation process by 1.5 times compared to conventional wire or galvanized sheet partition.

removable floor mesh-1

Removable Floor Mesh
The floor mesh in each compartment is designed for easy removal without using any tools. Easy maintenance.

feeding hopper-172

Automatic Feeding and Watering System
Layer cage system comes with hopper feeding and pressurized watering system all managed automatically via controllers to ease operations. Watering system comes with stainless steel nipple for long lasting.

single piece roll door

Single Piece Roll Up door
For easy access to laying hens and hens health inspection.  Single piece roll up door also allows for easy operation and maintenance.

manure removal-1

Manure Remover
Manure remover system comes with counter weight and guide to ensure manure are removed efficiently from the cage and out of the house. Heavy duty design to last long.

cage panel-1

Revolutionary cage panel
Cage panel design to allow better ventilation for laying hens to improve productivity especially in hot and humid climate. Bigger openings in the panel allows fresh air to circulate better .

egg collection-2

Egg Collection System
Variable speed control off egg collection and egg belt drive system can be adjusted to move the egg belts up to 300cm per minute. A simplifies timed egg loading system is designed to ensure eggs are transferred perfectly.

Pullet Cage System

Main Features:

  • Every individual cage consists of 4 drinking nipples with a cup underneath.
  • It allows birds to approach and drink easily in the first hour when released inside the cage.
  • The cups  allow the pullets from wet littering the floor feeds and manure when pecking the drinking nipples.
  • Adjustable height of the drinking lines according to birds’ growth.
pullet push door-1

Fully Open Push Door

Allows grower to have 100% accessibility from any angle and reaching the pullets inside the cage. Spring on the swing door allows growers to close the door thoroughly without leaving the door open unintentionally.

drinking system

Drinking System
Each compartment consist of 4 drinking nipples to encourage pullets to drink when pullets are released . Adjustable system height according to puller’s age.

pullet drinking cup-1

Drinking Nipples with Cup Underneath 

The cup placement beneath the drinking nipple prevents water from dripping and hence avoiding wet littering. Easy cage maintenance.

chain feeding pullet

Chain Feeding

With individual motor at each level and hence able to feed different level according to feeding need. Chain feeding system avoid pullets delicate beak injury. Inner bend feeding also reduces feed loss and easy access for growers.

manure removal pullet

Manure Removal system

Manure drops on continuous rolling PP belts. Evacuate manure promptly. Soft start that avoid shock loads to the motor

floor meshing

Fine Pitch Floor Meshing

Lowering mortality of birds during the beginning stage with fine pitch of floor meshing that reduces injuries of birds. Wire has longer life span & high corrosion resistance under proper maintenance.

structure farm hand

Are you using the right structure?
Farm Hand structures work fantastically with all our cage system. Our structures creates high livability rate that are essential in boosting productivity. Features such as air-tight structure and drop ceiling cools the house and saves energy in the long run too.

consistent results

Consistent Results
Our customers reported consistent results using both out cages and structure solutions together. Productivity as high as 99%  and livability rate as high as 97% were recorded. We deliver  proven & dependable results consistently.

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