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Poultry Environmental Control


Galvanized and Fiberglass Fans
Cumberland ventilation systems are the perfect solution for more efficient, high performance, climate control in poultry production facilities. Cumberland offers a full line of fans, tunnel inlet door systems, and attic vent systems.

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Evaporative Cooling
Cumberland’s evaporative cooling system utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation to manage hot climates and heat related stress. This system will adapt to new or existing poultry facilities.

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Heating Systems
Cumberland manufacturers several types of heating systems and controls to accommodate poultry house environmental needs. Be it direct fired heaters or our AV Series Tube brooder heaters, Cumberland has the equipment and experience necessary to meet your requirements.


Tunnel Inlet Door Systems
Cumberland offers both a single door tunnel inlet option, as well as a two door option. Tunnel inlets help to eliminate dead zone areas created by curtain sidewalls and curtain pockets.

Poultry Feeding, Watering and Nesting


Broiler Feeders
Two-stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the idea behind the revolutionary Hi-Lo Pan feeding system. Cumberland also offers the Pro-1 feeding system for added customization options.


Breeder Feeders
The Hi-Lo Pullet and Breeder Pan feeding systems enhance performance and save you money. Cumberland’s male feeders allow you to feed male and female breeders separately. Direct and belt drive Chain Feeder systems represent the classic, proven technique for even, low-stress distribution of feed.


Turkey Feeders
Cumberland’s Plastic Turkey Poultry feeder includes easy feed level adjustment, winchable feed level, and simple feeder pan removal for easy cleaning. Our Adult Turkey feeders represent the most widely accepted mature turkey feeders in the industry today. The “Max” Adult Turkey feeder offers numerous feed level settings and is designed to allow more feed in the pan.


Storage and Feed Delivery
Cumberland offers a variety of feed bin sizes to fit a many needs. In addition, the Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system and boot unloaders are manufactured using our own resin blend for the utmost in UV stabilization, strength and wear resistance.


Cumberland offers six low maintenance, watering valve styles for precise flow rates and 360° side-to-side nipple valve toggle action for easy access. For HH20 watering the EasyLine™ nipple drinking system is the next evolution of watering systems.


Nesting Systems
Cumberland manufactures mechanical nesting systems to reduce stress on birds while decreasing the number of floor and slat eggs. Mechanical nests can contribute significantly to enhancing hatchability and profitability.

Integrated Management

Your Source for Innovative Solutions
Maintaining proper temperature, airflow, watering, feed inventory and consumption, lighting, and bird weight is a must. Offering such innovative solutions as the state-of-the-art ProVision ventilation controls, Featherweight bird scales, and Feed-Link feed inventory management, Cumberland brings all these elements together into one cost effective, easy to operate management system.


Our Specialty
Be it chicken, turkeys, ducks, or other water fowl, Cumberland specializes in systems that improve the bottom line. We represent the most widely accepted poultry feeders in the industry and our environmental and integrated management systems are proven cost savers.

I-Box 360° Information System
The I-Box 360° provides the power to track and manage poultry houses in an efficient and profitable manner. I-Box 360° collects information and relays data back in easy to read graphs, or flags out of range set points.


Cumberland was established as a business unit of the GSI Group in 1985, allowing the company to expand beyond grain storage. Cumberland offers world-class poultry production equipment with a large selection of feeding systems, feed storage and delivery, watering systems, ventilation equipment, heaters, nesting and more. Able to accommodate the needs of poultry production operations large and small, Cumberland has the equipment and experience to meet today’s poultry production requirements.

Farmer Automation

Farmer Automatic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of economic solutions for poultry husbandry. For more than half a century, this long-established company has produced innovative, premium-quality poultry husbandry systems for layers, pullets, and broilers at its headquarters in Laer, Germany.


TECNO POULTRY EQUIPMENT Spa manufactures poultry equipment to markets worldwide. The products include batteries for laying eggs and rearing pullets; aviaries; and cages for rearing boilers.
The company offers solutions for the construction of facilities for rearing laying hens from the 1st day of life until the end of the production process; for the rearing of broiler systems; and automated and computerized systems of watering, feeding, collecting eggs, air conditioning, and cleaning. The company is based in Campo San Martino, Italy

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