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Innovative Solutions

To be a player in today’s international marketplace, the modern pork producer needs a competitive edge. AP’s feeding, confinement, feed delivery, and environmental control systems are built to perform and save.

Swine Storage and Delivery


Stainless Steel Feeders
AP manufactures many sizes and models of stainless steel feeders including nursery, early wean, finisher, wean to finish, and breeder models all corrosion resistant and economically priced.


Drop Feeders
Drop feeders are specifically designed to meet the requirements of automated feeding of both lactating and gestating sows. Designed to save time, feed and money.


Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system uses PVC tubing as the carrier of feed providing flexibility in facility design, reducing dust, providing protection against insect and rodent contamination, and reducing stressful operation noise.


Chain Disk
Chain Disk is a recirculating feed delivery system designed to allow multiple turns with high capacity and long distance feeding. Chain Disk is perfectly suited for any size swine facility.


Bulk Feed Tanks
AP’s Bulk Feed Tanks perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Every component is made from the finest raw materials available. Pair with an Integra Feed Link System for a cost-effective method of monitoring and managing on-farm feed inventory.


INTaK dispensers are easily adapted to most farrowing crates and can be retrofitted to existing stainless steel feeders. This patented lactation feeding system provides reliable feed flow and delivers a regulated amount of feed with each actuation.


Electronic Sow Feeding
The only alternative to gestation crates that provides true individual animal nutrition. The electronic identification of sows with RFID tags also opens the door to a host of other computer controlled solutions.


Hydromat and Hydrotube
AP Hydro series feeders provide excellent efficiency with the added benefit of dramatic water savings.

Swine Climate Control


Ventilation Performance
Profitable swine production depends on many variables of which the efficiency and longevity of ventilation fans play a substantial part. AP manufactures a complete line of high efficiency fans and accessories built to exceed expectations. AP inlets and baffles combine the durability of corrosion resistant hardware with intuitive designs for effective air movement and ease of use.


Evaporative Cooling
Utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress. AP offers two different styles of Komfort Kooler. Both styles utilize ultraviolet stabilized PVC for greater durability and longevity.


Curtain Machine
Protect the health of your investment with a properly controlled curtain system. The choice of several types of dependable drive units and a wide variety of versatile environmental controls, give you the edge to achieve excellent herd health.


Proper air filtration is another consideration for producing healthy animals. AP offers prefabricated filter ducts designed to fit between roof trusses and adapt two, three, four or six pathogen barrier filters to a ceiling air inlet.


PVC Planking
Light, strong, versatile, durable, clean, economical, and easy to install are the structural and performance advantages of PVC planking. AP manufactures PVC Planking for all confinement applications including penning, gating and inner dividing walls.


Hog Hearth
Reduces energy costs drastically compared to conventional heat lamps, which use 125 to 250 watts. Hog Hearth System uses a maximum of 65 watts per crate. Unlike all other heat mats or heat lamps used in the industry today, our Hog Hearth System has 4 square feet of optimum, consistent heat area.

Automated Production Systems

Your source for a full line of innovative swine, dairy and horticulture equipment. AP manufactures swine feeders, watering systems, ventilation and heating equipment, feed storage and delivery, flooring, confinement equipment, and more! AP products are designed for easy installation and maintenance, durability, flexibility and efficiency. Our goal is to identify and react to the needs of the industry with quality products that help achieve maximum return on your investment.

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